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Elevate Your Experience With Our Self-Love Stationery Catering!♡

Why Choose Self-Love Stationery Catering:

Unique Products: Enjoy stationery infused with empowering affirmations, adding a touch of inspiration to every moment.
Engaging Activities: Our catering services can include interactive activities centered around self-love, providing a memorable and transformative experience for your guests.
Tailored Packages: Whether it's a cozy girls' night or a milestone birthday celebration, our catering packages are flexible and can be customized to suit your event.

Let Our Founder Host Your Next Event! ♡

Experience a unique and personalized touch to your next gathering with Sigourney, a certified life coach, self-love enthusiast, military member, and founder of Self-Love Stationery. Let Sigourney personally host your event, guiding you through an unforgettable journal session and bringing her passion for self-love to your girls' night in.


Cheers To Loving Yourself♡

Imagine the delight of your guests as they indulge in a journey of self-love, leaving your event with not just memories but also tools for ongoing personal growth.

Book Self-Love Stationery for Your Next Event:
Ready to add a unique and empowering touch to your upcoming event? Contact us to discuss your catering needs, and let's create a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary.

Empowerment meets celebration with Self-Love Stationery Catering!



What events can Self-Love Stationery cater to?

We cater to a variety of events, including retreats, birthday parties, sleepovers, and girls' nights in. If it's a celebration of self-love, we're there!

What's included in the catering service?

Each catering package includes journals, a set of pens, self-love stickers, notepads, and guided cards tailored to each theme - whether it's self-love, goal setting, or healing sent directly to you for your event.

Is Sigourney available to host each package?

Sigourney, our founder, offers a special hosting package. If you're looking for a personal touch from the visionary behind Self-Love Stationery, inquire about her availability when booking. When you book, you will receive a Zoom link to confirm all details prior to event.

Can we choose which stationery set we receive for our event?

Generally, the stationery sets are randomly chosen based on availability to ensure variety and surprise. However, if you have a specific preference, we encourage you to reach out to us in advance. While we can't guarantee specific sets, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs and make your event as special as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority!

If we book Sigourney, can we receive more than 10 stationery boxes?

Yes! Please reach out to selflovestationery@gmail.com for your inquiry.

How far in advance should I book catering services?

We recommend booking at least four weeks in advance to ensure we can tailor the experience to your needs and mail out the stationery boxes on time.

Is Sigourney available to travel outside of Georgia?

Currently, we primarily cater to events in the Georgia area. However, we're open to discussing events in other locations, so feel free to reach out!

Can I order more than 20 boxes for my event?

Absolutely! Whether it's an intimate gathering or a larger event, we cater to groups of all sizes. Reach out to discuss your specific needs.