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Author Consulting: Release Your Book in 3 Months!

Author Consulting: Release Your Book in 3 Months!

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book? Is there a story inside of you just waiting to be shared with the world? Let Sigourney Rosario, a seasoned author of three published books, help you turn that dream into reality. With her expert guidance and knowledge, you can launch your first book in just three months!

Sigourney's Author Consulting sessions are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to release your book to the masses. Each session is tailored to guide you toward your ultimate purpose and dreams, ensuring that your unique voice and message are heard. Whether you're just starting or need that final push to finish, Sigourney's experience and insights will help you navigate the entire process smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t wait any longer—your book deserves to be written and shared. Let Sigourney help you make it happen! 

Author Consulting: Session Breakdown 

♡Session 1: Groundwork/ Editing and Layout
In this session, we lay the foundation for creating your book. Topics include:
- Choosing and refining your book title
- Understanding copyrights and protecting your work
- Creating a detailed chapter outline
- Crafting a compelling book description
- Editing your book for clarity, flow, and tone

♡Session 2: Interior and Exterior Design/Publishing
In this session, we work on the visual aspects of your book and publishing. Topics include:
- Designing a captivating book cover and determining overall layout/structure of book
- Ordering samples and preparing for final publication

♡Session 3: Finances/Marketing
We’ll cover the financial aspects of your book project and promoting it. Topics include:
- Setting the right price for your book and managing sales tax
- Forming an LLC for your author business
- Planning and executing launch day strategies

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Book Your FREE Discovery Session♡

The discovery session for author consulting is a personalized call to discuss your needs for your upcoming book and see if we are a good fit for each other. This session will help lay the groundwork for a tailored consulting plan to guide you through the writing, designing, and publishing process.