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Self-Love Stationery

Puzzle Pieces of Purpose: How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Puzzle Pieces of Purpose: How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Have you ever wondered what you were created to do? Do you feel like there is more out of life than just working a job? After many years of searching for her calling in the wrong places, Sigourney Rosario fully understands what it means to just exist in the world. She felt lost and like there was a constant void that no amount of money, recognition, or prestige could fulfill in her life. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Puzzle Pieces of Purpose will help you to achieve this common dilemma by helping you to explore your gifts, talents, and vision for your life.

Each piece of the puzzle is designed to bring you closer to your God-given purpose. Also, included is a Purpose Checklist to ensure that you are on the right track to Fulfilling your destiny. As you began to put the pieces together, you will soon realize that your calling has been there whole time waiting on you. 

Now is the time to produce the life that you have always wanted full of meaning and significance. The world is waiting on you...

♡Each book is autographed personally by Sigourney Rosario

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