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Self-Love Stationery

Queendom: The Ultimate Guide To Self-Love

Queendom: The Ultimate Guide To Self-Love

It is a common belief that if you take a long bubble bath, go to a spa, or buy your favorite outfits you must love yourself, right? Wrong! Join Sigourney Rosario on the journey of the true meaning of self-love as she discusses the five pillars of self-love: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Social and Financial.

Also Included Is:

♡Journal Prompts: Learn how to apply the principles taught in Queendom by answering key introspective questions.

♡Devotionals: This section includes thought-provoking devotionals dedicated to demonstrating how each woman is beautiful, worthy, priceless, royal, and significant!

♡Daily Affirmations: These affirmations will cause you to shift your viewpoint on yourself by encouraging and uplifting.

♡Self-Love Menu: A full menu of self-care is included in this portion. Pick and choose the practices to incorporate in your daily schedule.

♡Self-Love Prayer: This section offers a closing prayer for every reader to help promote their self-love journe

♡Each book is autographed personally by Sigourney Rosario

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